Introduction: Moodle-Turn-It-In

These are instructions for how to create a discourse assignment that is submitted to turnitin!

When students click on this assignment, they will submit a paper to you through Students can receive their score sheet Within minutes!

Step 1: Selecting a Single Assignment

in a
click on the arrow next to "add an activity."
Up pops a window with loads of options
click on "Upload a single file"

Step 2: Creating the Activity

Step 1 Name the Activity (example: "7th Upload Paragraph to Turn-It-In"

Step 2 Write a short description of the Activity. This could include the directions or information about turn-it-in.

Step 3: Setting the Date

You can chose when the assignment will be open for students to submit. Most of the time, I set this for the entire quarter. When I don't want students to participate in the assignment any longer I can hide it.

Set the date by clicking on the drop downs. Notices the time is also available. Sometimes I don't want students to start an activity until class time or want to close the activity at say 5pm.

You can also click the little box to disable the dates.

Step 4: Turn-it-in Specifics

Use the drop-down arrows to select specifics. If you have a question about a specific line, typically there are little question mark buttons that can help.

Allow Resubmitting: allows for students to see their turn-it-in results, make changes, and then submit the assignment again.

EMail Alerts to Teachers: means that each time a student uploads an assignment you will get an e-mail. Personally I turn these features off because I don't want to get a bunch of e-mail alerts.

Maximum size: shouldn't matter. A 1MB word document would be HUGE!

Use Turnitin Submission: SHOULD BE MARKED AS YES

Show Turnitin score to student: It is generally helpful for students to see their turnitin score immediately. This helps students learn from their mistakes. GENERALLY THIS SHOULD BE SET TO ALWAYS

Show Turnitin report to student: This too should GENERALLY THIS SHOULD BE SET TO ALWAYS as it provides students with immediate feedback.

Step 5: Last Step - Save!

Alright! Your are almost done.

All you need to do now is SAVE!!