Introduction: Moonwalk

The Moonwalk causes an optical illusion that makes a person appear as if they are walking backwards in a continuous gliding motion without taking their feet off the ground.

Step 1: Materials Needed

  1. Knowledge of basic foot anatomy (see above)
  2. Socks or smooth bottom shoes
  3. Make sure surface area of floor is as smooth as possible
  4. Appropriate dance space. Should be at least 10 feet in length or about the length of a midsize van. Not suitable for gravel or grass surfaces.
  5. “Ready-to-Dance” Attitude

TIP: For best results, read through all the instructions briefly before your first attempt.

Step 2: Ready Stance

Stand with feet side by side, shoulder width apart.

Step 3: Sliding Right Foot

Starting with the right foot, slide your foot backwards on the floor while lifting the heel and keeping the rest of the foot on the floor.

Step 4: Finishing Right Foot Slide

The slide should stop when the toes are in alignment with the left heel. Your right knee will be bent.

Step 5: Sliding Left Foot

While keeping the right heel up and putting your weight onto the ball of your right foot, begin sliding the left foot backwards on the floor while lifting the left heel.

Step 6: Dropping Right Heel

As the left heel is lifted during the slide, the right heel drops simultaneously.

Step 7: Finishing Left Foot Slide

The slide should stop when the left toes are in alignment with the right heel. Your left knee will be bent.

Step 8: Ready to Repeat Dance Stance

The left heel is now in the lifted position, left knee bent and the right foot is flat on the floor.

Step 9: Repeat Dance As Desired

Repeat steps 3-7.

TIP: Practice a few slides moving deliberately and slowly. After a bit of practice try to move faster with each move.

Step 10: Spice It Up!

  • Wearing a fedora and a white glove may enhance your inner Michael Jackson.
  • For maximum stage presence/prestige, perform moves to “Billy Jean.”
  • A good finishing move could be a crotch grab with your left hand as you rock up onto your toes, grabbing the brim of your hat with your right hand, yelling, “ouh!”

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    5 years ago

    Wow, if I was grading this as a teacher, I would give it 100%.


    5 years ago

    I've never been able to do this properly, kudos!