Introduction: Moose A. Moose (Nick Jr. Mascot)


I DO NOT AND WILL NOT SELL MY PATTERN.  IT IS AN ORIGINAL PATTERN CREATED BY MYSELF.  I appreciate many people asking me and I understand their desire to obtain a pattern for this Moose A. Moose inspired critter.  Due to copyright laws of a licensed tv character I do not sell or share my personal pattern.

If you care to contact me privately about this plushie; my email is

Well I am a stay at home mom of a beautiful 1 year old little girl and she LOVES Moose A. Moose the Nick Jr. channel mascot.  Currently there are no toys available for this loveable mascot and so for her 1st birthday I created her this plushie without a pattern.

Moose was made in several pieces which were stuffed with polyfil and sewn together.  With taking a quick count of Moose's overall body- there were at least 20 individual pieces made and put together.

He is has 2 black safety eyes and I used a couple of plastic yogurt container covers cut to the right size to use in the base of his feet to retain the flat shape.  Often I see in written patterns to use cardboard but I avoid that. Just in case my little ones spills her bottle or cup on him- I can spot clean him without a soggy cardboard mess!

Moose A. Moose is owned by the Nick Jr company- the plushie was inspired by my daughter's pure love of him!

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