Introduction: Morning Face Exfoliate

There's nothing like a fresh, clean face to get your day started. I have provided a quick, homemade exfoliate to help you put on your best face. This exfoliate will remove dead skin cells while improving complexion. Taking your skin form good to RADIANT! For best results, use four times per week.

**Discard after each use**

**Cover and store in refrigerator**

Allergens: contains caffeine and dairy.

CAUTION: Mixing with other facial scrubs, masks ,or prescription skin care products not recommended.

WARNING: Use exfoliate within 24 hours.

Step 1: Gather Your Ingredients and Tools.

Used coffee beans (alternative: brown or white sugar)

Raw honey (alternative: olive oil or coconut oil)

PLAIN yogurt

Small bowl


Step 2: Mix It Up!

Add a tablespoon of used coffee in the bowl.

Next add a tablespoon of plain yogurt.

Then add tablespoon of raw honey.

Step 3: Stir It Up!

Stir ingredients until smooth (or to desired consistency).

The mixture will have a dark color and gritty texture.

Step 4: Rinse Face With Warm Water.

Take your fresh made exfoliate into the bathroom.

Rinse face with warm water to open pores.

Step 5: Apply Generously.

Gently massage exfoliate into your face with fingertips in circular motions.

Exfoliate will feel cool and gritty.

Avoid areas around your eyes.

Leave on for 2 minutes.

You may feel light tingling, this is normal.

Step 6: Rinse.

Rinse your face with tepid (cool) water to remove exfoliate.

This can be done at the bathroom sink or in the shower.

The cool water will close those pores.

Pat dry with towel.

Step 7: Your Ready!

Once dry, apply normal moisturizer.

Apply make-up (optional).

Have a great day!