Introduction: Morning Protein With Eggs and Spinach

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Here is a great and nutritious way to have an egg or eggs for breakfast. This recipe you are about to see is full of protein, meaning it contains all 9 amino acids that your body cannot produce on its own. 

It's protein needed to fill you up and keep you full for 3 to 4 hours. You won't be munching on high sugar foods before lunch. It has been proven protein is the way to go for healthy weight control. A breakfast eaten with eggs can enhance weight loss by over 60 percent.

A large egg generally provides 6.25 grams of protein each, when the yolk and white of the egg are both eaten. Also cholesterol is necessary for the body. Your brain has 75% of it. It has been shown by resent studies that cholesterol is not the killer we thought. Chronic inflammation is in first place. Most of the protein is in the whites of the egg. As for the yolk it has Lutein. Lutein fights against inflammation. Inflammation causes arterial hardening.

Another ingredient in our recipe today that contains Lutien, is spinach. Did you ever see Popi with Chronic Inflammation? No, just lean muscles. For more about Lutien and Cardiovascular Health click here

Now let's get to making breakfast!!

The author of this write-up is not a Doctor. The nutritional information provided is just that. Always consult a Medical Practitioner for your health needs.
Sources of information: Living Strong

Step 1:

So here you can see on our cutting board we have 4 chefry tomatoes halved. One large egg, one garlic clove minced and about 1/8 cup of blended cheese shredded. The cheese I used is Sargento "6 Cheese Italian". But you can use any chesse you like.

As for the greens, we have 5 spinach leaves with the ends cut off and some cilantro leaves chopped to equal one teaspoon.

Please note the 1/8 cup of cheese provides 4.5 grams of protein. So with that one egg and the cheese you now have about 11 grams of protein in this breakfast.

Now let's start grabbing things off the board and get to cooking.

Step 2:

Heat some olive oil over medium heat. Once heated add garlic saute a little and then add the tomatoes and saute some more.

By the way those tomatoes also have lutein in them. Which can help with eye health as well as skin health along with heart health.

Step 3:

Now add your spinach greens, the egg and top with the cheese. There's about 4 grams of protein in one cup of spinach. Those five leaves have about 1 gram raw and now that they are going to be cooked it will double to 2 grams.

Our egg breakfast now has 12 grams of protein.

Step 4:

Put a lid over the pan and time it for one (1) minute, no longer.

As a side note: If you like fried eggs, here is how to have the perfectly cooked fried egg every time. In a pan melt one teaspoon of butter over medium heat. Crack egg over butter, spoon in 1 to 2 tablespoons of water and put lid over egg. Let cook no less and longer, 1 minute. Remove from pan a plate your egg. It never fails, perfectly cooked egg all of the time. Do not use oil as your lid will shake and it looks like another Chernobyl explosion is going to happen.

Do not add water with this recipe as well, the vegetables have some moister in them.

The secret is the timing, 1 minute with lid and no longer.

Step 5:

I guess you are asking about the cilantro? Yes I forgot to sprinkle it over the finished egg before taking the image. So when you make this recipe, be sure to sprinkle the 1 teaspoon of chopped cilantro over the top of the Egg with Garlic and Spinach.

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