Introduction: Morph It!: Turn a Fluorescent Starter Into an Ignition Source!

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Morph it! the title says it all,

I'll be showing you guys a simple project you can make from that pile of junk you have around you (that's if you do keep a pile of scrap parts)

Note: This project is a part of an upcoming craft i'll be posting in a few days, read till the end for a clue.

so, why did i choose a fluorescent starter as the case?

well, pretty much it already has two conductive rods sticking out and i could easily connect it to the starter's holder.

Its very stealthy and concealable, that is if you're gonna use it for shocking your mates.

If you got any High purity alcohol or acetone, the spark coming off this is strong enough to start a fire from the vapor/fumes. I'm not saying its a hazard as i stated it is an igniter so you should know your basic safety procedures.

notice: not to be used for evil

that's probably it, let's get started!

Step 1: Materials!

For the igniter, we'll need:

  • A fluorescent light starter
  • A Piezoelectric igniter
  • Short length of wire

For the tools,

  • A multitool
  • A Hot glue gun
  • Spraypaint of your choice (optional)

Step 2: Dismantling the Starter

With your mulittool or pliers, pop out the starters cap then "uncrimp" the crimped tubes

where the components are attached.

Next, carve out a hole on the top of the starter, just enough so that the piezo igniter would fit.

Step 3: Assembling the Piezoelectric Igniter

In this step you would want to take around an inch of your stranded wire and cut out 1/4's off it

then wrap it around the igniter's base, add a coating of hot glue.

Finally cover the holes on the sides with tape.

Step 4: Stick It Up All Together

Thread the igniter through the hole just like in the first picture and then fill the inside with hot glue

re-crimp the new wires to the cap and close it.

I'll leave the option to you guys if you wanna paint it, i did so because i'll be using it for a new project.

ATTENTION: stay tuned! I'll be posting my new tabletop projectile launcher in a few days, hope you'll like it!

be caureful who you'll be shocking, they might get really pissed at ya.


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