Introduction: Morse Code to Text Using Arduino

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IDEA Description

We all communicate with each other through our natural Sensors (tongue, Gesture...etc). The Exciting part starts when you want to share secret information to someone. Question is How to do it ?

So the answer lies in how you transmit information in such a way that even if a third Person looks at message he won't be able to understand Until and Unless he finds a key. For this purpose I used Morse Code Communication you can also use another way to accomplish this task.

What is Morse Code ?

Morse Code is a way of communication to pass information which is done by representing original letters to combination of dot. and dashes - Like A ->.- and B-> -...

For more information on Morse code click the link below

Step 1: Code for English Letters

Why I Choose Morse Code ?

The Reason is Simple recently I watched a movie in which agent was passing information by clicking a button and at the receiving end other people were disclosing it. So I thought to make this with using Arduino and simple basic components.

How this Project Works ?

It is very Simple When you done making circuit on breadboard and uploaded Sketch. Click Serial Monitor

and Follow instructions.

Step 2: Things Used in This Project

  • Arduino UNO board
  • Two pin Push Buttons (Quantity 2)
  • One Led
  • One Buzzer
  • four 220 ohm resistors
  • Breadboard
  • Lastly Jumpers wires male to male

Step 3: Schematic

Instructions for Digital Pins From Arduino to breadboard:

  • pin D2 is connected to one leg of pushButton1 .
  • pin D7 is connected to one leg of pushButton2.
  • pin D8 is connected to +ive terminal leg LED through resistor.
  • Finally pin D12 is connected to +ive terminal leg Buzzer through resistor.

And other Connection Look at Schematic Picture and YOU ARE DONE !

Step 4: Download Zip File for Code and Upload It

Step 5: Watch Demonstration Video

I Converted morse code to text.

Can you Convert Text to Morse Code using Arduino ?

Thank You Very Much