Mosaic Table (Made From Upcycled Materials)




Introduction: Mosaic Table (Made From Upcycled Materials)

This table was made as a part of a Cradle To Cradle upcycling project for the Computer Drafting program at Medicine Hat College. Medicine Hat ReStore supplied a $20 credit for materials from their store. The finished project, as well as left over materials, was donated back to the ReStore.

Materials you will need:
- a cupboard door with an inset middle
- 4 banister spindles
- 8 angle brackets
- 16 #8-3/4" wood screws (for legs)
- 16 #8-3/8" wood screws (for table top)
- approx. 4 tiles
- tile adhesive
- grout
- paintbrush or stain of your choice

Tools you will need:
- drill (with 1/8" drill bit)
- screwdriver (matching screwhead)
- paintbrush
- adhesive trowel
- grout float
- painters tape
- 600 grit sandpaper (for between coats of paint)
- hand sander
- chop saw

- small dremel (optional, but recommended for sanding the spindles)

Step 1: Sanding

Trim the spindles to the length you want. Sand the spindles and cupboard door down to the original wood using a hand sander and dremel. Be careful when sanding the spindles, as you don't want flat spots. Ensure there is little to no coatings or paint left. Go over any rough spots with a finer grit sandpaper.

Step 2: Trimming and Painting

Clean off any residual wood dust from sanding. Paint spindles and cupboard door with two coats of paint, gently sanding after the first coat.

Step 3: Mosaic Layout

Smash four ceramic tiles into small pieces with a hammer. Draw a rectangle the same size as the indent in the cupboard door. Place the broken tile in the rectangle to reference the place you intend put them on the table top.

Step 4: Attach Legs to Table

Drill a tapping hole in the legs using the angle brackets as a template. Screw the brackets to the legs. Position the legs on the table top and drill tapping holes using the angle brackets. Screw the legs to the table.

Step 5: Mosaic

Apply adhesive with trowel. Transfer tile pieces from template to the adhesive. When adhesive is dry, grout between the tile pieces.

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    7 years ago

    Very neat project