Mosaic: Glass, Ceramic & Gorilla Glue!

Introduction: Mosaic: Glass, Ceramic & Gorilla Glue!

My rowhouse is boring on the outside, so I decided to make a mosaic from the bits I've been collecting over the last few years.

Step 1: Find the Bits...

This is fun.  You'll need:

Marbles, bits of broken ceramic plates, glass tiles, whatever your eyeball tell you looks good.
Go to your local recycle center, ebay or take your angst out on some old crockery...

I used a piece of concrete board as a base, bought at the local hardware's usually used for shower tile backboard, it's waterproof, which I needed as the finished piece will be exposed to our humid Mid-Atlantic weather...
The size I used was 10 inches high and 48 inches long...

Gorilla glue...good stuff and waterproof...

Small brush.  I used a 1 inch wide artists' brush...

Latex gloves.

Step 2: Place the Bits to Make Your Pattern

Spend some time moving the bits around on the size board you've decided on until you've gotten a pattern that pleases you.

Step 3: Gluing Bits Down

Move a portion of your mosaic (whatever you're comfortable with and can keep track of) to a piece of cardboard.
Mine broke down into 8 parts...

Don the latex gloves, as the glue company recommends as little skin contact as possible...

Squeeze a few lines of Gorilla Glue onto the empty space on the board. then use the brush to spread it evenly over the entire empty space.

Move the first set of mosaic from the cardboard, setting them into the Gorilla-glued space.

Continue moving, brushing & setting portions until you're finished.

Gorilla glue expands and when it does, air bubbles form, SO...

Go back over your work, pushing each bit back into the'll have about 15 minutes to do this, so if you have a larger mosaic you might want to do this step on the first portions before you get too far...

Step 4: The Good Part

Because I use just a tad more Gorilla Glue than the packaging recommends, it will expand, filling the spaces between your bits and forming a nice pseudo-grout...

The next day I used a small hand grinder to even out any dried glue that got out of hand...

Step 5: Finished Mosaic!

Dried, sanded and a coat of polyurethane for good measure...
Waiting for good weather so i can get up on the ladder to glue it in place using (you guessed it) Gorilla Glue!

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    8 years ago

    Thanks for the reply I hope to start soon it will be my first time so I'm just getting all my tiles,plates ect then need to get my tools :( but I can't wait to get started...


    8 years ago

    If I want to make a mosaic for my garden can I use gorilla glue?


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Yo!'s held up better then the epoxy and longer than the wood bonding glue I used for other projects...