Introduction: Mosaic on a Cover Pot

I transformed a cover pot with no handle, into a plate, using mosaic.
It can be used as a nice support for candles or fruits.

Step 1: Materials

- a cover pot with no handle;

- small pieces of mosaic, different colors, two thicknesses;

- seven pieces of mosaic pearls;

- special adhesive for bonding;

- Fimo light clay, air-drying;

- acrylic colors: copper, gold;

- red contour paste liner;

Step 2: Positioning the Mosaic

On a piece of paper I drew a circle, ~ 15 cm dia. simulating the inside

of the cover. I put the mosaic pieces creating a pattern, just to see

how they fit.

Step 3: Bonding the Mosaic

I bonded the pieces with the special adhesive, starting from exterior.

The surface is not perfectly smooth, because of the thickness differences.

During the process, because of the slope, their position must be
readjusted if they slip.
I used plastic gloves, not to get sticky and protect my hands.

The seven pieces of pearls were fitted in the center.

I let the bonded plate 24 hours for drying.

Step 4: Filling the Gaps

All the gaps between the small pieces are filled with Fimo light clay, air-drying.

It is not a dedicated product for this purpose, but I used it because was very soft.

I put it also in the both holes of the cover. With a soft material I cleaned the
remaining clay from the mosaic pieces.

I waited also 24 hours to continue.
The mosaic is translucend. This is the cause of the effects from the
second photo, with a light behind the plate.

Step 5: The Embellishment of the Plate

After drying, I painted the white clay with acrylic copper.

In the center there is a red line from a contour paste liner
and gold acrylic color.

After drying, my plate can garnish any area I want!