Introduction: Mosin Nagant Bolt Disassembly

The Mosin Nagant bolt is a critical part to this historic rifle. Being able to assemble and disassemble the bolt will not only allow you to clean it, but also adjust the firing pin.

Step 1: The Fully Assembled Bolt

When still connected to the rifle, you should engage the safety. This will make the disassembly easier. To remove the bolt from the rifle, pull back on the bolt while pressing the trigger.

Be sure to follow general gun safety rules when cleaning or disassembling the Mosin. Always point the gun in a safe direction and be sure that the rifle is unloaded.

Step 2: Main Separation

Separate the main bolt body from the connecting rod.

Step 3: Bolt End

Spinning the end of the bolt (shown in the picture) will make the separation easier.

Step 4: Firing Pin Removal

Now that the firing pin is exposed you should use the forked end of the connecting rod and unscrew the firing pin. Keep in mind that the pin is spring loaded so it may "jump when it is fully unscrewed.

Step 5: Pulling It Apart

With the firing pin unscrewed, you can pull out the firing pin and the back of the bolt will now also be disconnected.

Step 6: Firing Pin Spring

Remove the spring from the firing pin

Step 7: Complete!

That's all there is to it. You have fully disassembled your Mosin Nagant bolt. Be sure to visit my website for more Mosin Nagant Information