Introduction: Mosquito Trap

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Low Cost Mosquito Trap made from home available Materials..

Step 1: Components Required :

1.VAC-230 Hz-50/60 AMP-0.13 CPU Fan

2.12V adapter

3.12v LED Strip

4.Plastic Box

5.Double side tape

6.Screws and Bolts

7.Mosquito Net

8.soldering iron

Step 2: Inserting CPU Fan :

Cut the plastic box closer cap which is equal to the CPU fan diameter then fit the CPU fan on that circle hole.Be sure that airflow direction is towards the bottom of the plastic box.Then solder the power to CPU fan now check the fan connecting with power if its run you are good to go..

Step 3: Cutting Plastic Box :

Now we are going to cut the plastic box to insert the mosquito net..for this take a knife and mark the area you are going to use.Then take the knife carefully cut the plastic box...

Step 4: Attaching Mosquito Net:

Now take the mosquito net insert it inside of the box then use double side tape to fix it..Be sure that net is fixed well with the box because if you are not fix it well mosquitoes will escape through this hole.

Step 5: LED Umbrella:

Now take a another one plastic box closer cap and fix it with the CPU fan holder with some nut and bolts refer above pictures..

Step 6: LED Strip Preparation:

Now take the 12volt adapter solder it with the LED strip then fix it with the LED umbrella in round shape...It will attract the mosquitoes... check the LED strip with power..refer above picture..

Step 7: Final Attaching:

Now attach the CPU fan and LED strip setup to plastic box top your Mosquito trap is ready.. Its very cheap compared to Market available traps...enjoy


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