Introduction: Moss Terrarium "Journey"

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Have had some of the materials needed to do a terrarium, including some moss that was collected from the soil surface of my potted plants & bonsai, to start a moss terrarium.


- a transparent glass bowl;

- some garden soil;

- some pebbles & stones;

- white colour sand;

- figurines;

- some land moss;

- a small shovel/spoon, a tweezer and a water sprayer.

Below are the basic steps I've taken to create my 1st moss terrarium. However, do note that the end result of each created terrarium will depend on our very own imagination or how we want to craft them, as every terrarium is unique especially created by different people.


1) Lay some small pebbles at the bottom of the glass bowl container to retain water;

2) Fill a handful of garden soil just below the mid level of the container to create the landscape foundation with few humps on the side of the container;

3) Add figurines such as stones and little hut, in my case, on the 'peak' of the humps;

4) Use a tweezer to add live land moss to cover the humps, creating a landscape view of hllls, leaving a main winded path between humps as path way across the landscape;

5) Mist or spray water over all the live land moss;

6) Carefully fill the winded path with white sands, with the help of a little shovel or spoon;

7) Using any sticks or tweezer to help the final touch-up.

Hope the above helps, somehow!

My video of my first Moss terrarium I've named it "Journey".... enjoy.

By the way, many thanks for viewing. Do vote if you think it is worthy for a win in the contest!
Thanks much & Cheers!

Video of "Journey"

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