Introduction: Motherboard Clock - Cum - Night Dim Arc Light !

Motherboard Clock - Cum - Night Dim Arc Light !

Tools Required :-

Drill Machine - Making minor hole in metal bracket
Soldering iron - minor wire soldering
Super glue - sticking parts.
Sharp Cutting Blade - cutting plastic, etc
Hammer - for mounting .

Step 1: Motherboard Clock- Cum - Night Dim Arc Light !

Motherboard Clock - Cum- Night Dim Arc light made from old computer and mobile phone parts.

It has enough light which can be used to lit in small room at midnight also.

Parts list :-

1) Old P-III - Computer Motherboard Non working

2) Motherboard Metal Mount.

3) Mobile Phone 5V charger.

4) Laptop cooling fan with led light - broken if any or spare

.5 ) Red Led light from non- working mouse.

6) Small working clock.

7) Small size CD - from mobile PC suite or any other source.

8) Plain Glass.

9) Glass Studs Cover.- qty - 4

10) 4 inch long and slim pipe - qty 4 , Made from any spare metal pipe

11) 1 Led light White color - 3~5V

12 ) Non Working flexible Microphone

13) Computer IDE cable

14 ) Small headphone earpiece

15) 4 inch screw with nuts, bolts n washer - qty 4 piece

Step 2: Steps

It gets its main power from 5V mobile charger.

Take the blue led fan from broken cooling pad which comes with 1- 3 fans., Some have extra hole, led connecting wire. you can cut and remove one of them, then connect it with red led light taken from non working mouse and shoulder and mount on top of it with any glue.

Motherboard is nicely cleaned and mounted on metal motherboard bracket.

The Metal mount has pre-cut on top of it, by taken any IDE computer cable, u can remove the black pin and pass the cable and then re-pin the black mount.

The main clock dial is mount with small CD by gluing it.

You can make the single top led light by taken the flexible microphone and any small earphone. Remove the top black microphone part. Now take the earphone piece, remove the speaker from it , then shoulder the single white led with the microphone wire, place the led light properly in the empty space... Viola !! your single led mount is done...You can adjust the lighting by just bending the flexible cable.

Connect the Single led light with your blue cooling fan. And then the cooling fan is connected with your 5V Charger.

It Glows in night and lit like a charm !

Done !


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