Introduction: Motherboard Heart Pendant

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If you love taking things (especially computers) apart as much as I do you are bound to have a motherboard or two lying around, so here is a project to turn them into some really pretty jewelry.

At the time of this post, I have been on Instructables for only a few days but I have spent hours finding and making projects, and this website has inspired me to build and make more, so I was looking at the challenges and the jewelry one popped out at me, and a few days ago I had taken apart an old PC that I was done with, and so had lots of extra parts. So that is how I eventually came up with this idea.




-Tin Snips.

- Two drill bits- one for the chain attachment (I like 3/34) and one that is the same diameter as the light you are using.


-Electrical tape.

-Coarse sandpaper (I used 36).

-Safety goggles.

-Small light.

-Small battery (I used size 357)

-Motherboard or control board.

-Glue gun or super glue


Needlenose pliers

Step 1: Mark Your Shape

Use a pen to mark your shape directly onto the motherboard.

I chose a heart for this project, but it's up to you what shape you want.

Step 2: Cut Out Your Shape

Use tin snips to cut roughly around the perimeter of your shape. I suggest wearing safety goggles for this step because the extra pieces of the motherboard can snap off and go flying.

Step 3: Sand Your Shape Down

Use coarse sandpaper to bring the rough cut down to a nice smooth rounded shape

Step 4: Drilling Time!

Use the 3/32 drill bit to drill a hole where you want to attach the pendant to a necklace.

WARNING: Wear safety goggles, and GO SLOW-you don't want your beautiful pendant to break now.

Step 5: More Drilling!

Now use the drill bit with the same diameter as the light you have, and put a hole where you want the light to come through.

Step 6: Add Your Light

Thread your light of choice through the hole you drilled in the previous step and secure it with a glue gun or super glue.

Step 7: Connect Your Battery

Now connect your battery, you can do this however you like, I used electrical tape because I lent my soldering iron to a friend.

Step 8: Attach Your Second Wire

Now you just need to attach the other wire from your light, and it should turn on!

Step 9: Attach the Battery Pack

Now use the glue of your choice to attach the battery to the back of your pendant.

Step 10: You Are Done!


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