Introduction: Mothers Day GIFT Rainbow Flower Jelly Cake Surprise

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this is the most amazing jelly cake ever!!

are you ready to hard work?

let´s start!!

Step 1: Ingredients

gelatin 4 tbs

water caster sugar 1 cup

escence (almond, lime,rose, pineapple, wherever you want

citric acid 1/4 tsp

cake box wherever you want

milk gelatin

1 evaporated milk

1 condensed milk

1 cup milk

28 g powder gelatin

food coloring

tools plastic spoons

geringes about 4

half round plastic molds

one big mold to rour gelatin cake and one small to your cake a put in the center

Step 2: Make Clear Gelatin

make a clear gelatin first

mix gelatin in a cup of your water and let them rest in a fridge 5 min

microwave your gelatin about 10-20 seconds or until melted reserve

put in a microwave rest of water, sugar, citric acid and escence until are hot but not boil now add your melted gelatin and mix put in half round plastic molds and put in a fridge until hard to touch

Step 3: Make Your Cake

make your cake follow your box indications and let them cold (I make half box)

cut 3 levels and asamble your cake just cake, frosting , cake, frosting,cake , chill and let them to later

i usecreme cheese frosting frosting

200 g cream cheese

100 g butter

500g icing sugar

half juice of lemon

beat cheese and buter until pale an ad sugar in two batches

Step 4: Make Milk Jelly

mix in a pot condensed milk, evaporated milk, milk and let then warm not boil

mix 28 gr of powder gelatin and 1/2 cup of cold water let them rest in a fridge 5 min past 5 min microwave 10 by 10 until melted and add milk mixture , divided in a molds 1/4 cup milk mixture and add food coloring to your molds

save rest to later room temperature

put color mixtures in a mold hot water to keep warm and ready to work!!

if start make it hard just microwave 5 seconds your gelatin beffore using

Step 5: Make Your Flowers!!

now here it´s the video how can make flowers in your jellys

enjoy ;)


dont use your color gelatin hot or you gonna melted your cristal jelly use room temp

before make your flower chill 3-4 min each before add leafs

and beffore asamble leave in a fridge abour 5 min

Step 6: How Asamble Your Flowers

now cover your center mold with acetato, put un a center of your mold with water (have to be same size your cake) now ready tu put your flowers!!

unmold your flowers using hot water to bottom to jour jelly like brain marie about a minute and unmold


i used alumin floil balls to keep my jellys in place about 20 min in a fridge

- when you have roy flowers cover with room temp jelly ultil half chill about 30 min and add more clear gelatin ultil cover i made clear gelatin two times one for flowers and one for cover

chill abouy 1 hour

now take ouf your center mold ,carrefully

andput anothers flowers in a bottom and more gelatin and chill again 30 min

watch video and enjoy }

questions below

Step 7: Put Your Cake Inside and Unmold

just put your cake in a center , a put the rest of your milk jelly on top and chill 2 hours

and ready to unmold now

sumerge your jelly cake in a hot water about 1-2 min until look can take off easy flip over an tada!!!! look this beauty hard work!

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