Introduction: Mother's Day Gift – How to Make a Felt Flower Bouquet

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This DIY project – felt flower bouquet for Mother's Day may arouse your passion for crafting! With colorful felt paper and ribbon, you can also make one.

Step 1: Supplies in Making the Felt Flower Bouquet for Mother's Day:

Pink Felt Paper

Hot Pink Felt Paper

Green Felt Paper

Blue Felt Paper

0.5mm Strip Ribbon


Glue Gun


Cotton Thread

Step 2: Make a Felt Flower

1st, tailor a piece of pink felt paper (12x5cm), thread the pink cotton string through the needle and get ready;

2nd, sew the pink felt paper from the bottom on the right as shown, along to the other bottom on the left;

3rd, tighten up the cotton thread after inserting a wood stick in the bud of the flower as pictured;

4th, tie and fix the flower on the wooden stick, then trim off the extra thread;

5th, tailor a piece of green felt paper into a certain shape as pictured, then wrap around the stick and glue it to the bottom of the flower to make it the leaf.

Step 3: Finish the Felt Flower Bouquet

1st, repeat the procedures in step 1 to make enough felt flowers;

2nd, prepare a large piece of green felt paper (30x30cm) and a piece of blue felt paper (20x20cm), then bundle up the flower bouquet with the blue felt paper wrapped around;

3th, cover the bottom of the wooden stick with the smaller piece of green felt paper as shown;

4th, tie up the flower bouquet with a piece of red strip ribbon.

Step 4:

Tada! My felt flower bouquet for Mother's Day is finished! Fabulous, isn't it?

Felt paper are really useful in crafts making, and today I pick some colorful felt paper to start this felt flower bouquet DIY project for my mother. As you can see from the above steps, this bouquet is easy to make with basic sewing techniques. Have a nice try!