Introduction: Motichoor Ladoo

_ Ladoos are the most famous Indian sweets in almost every occassion or festival .
_ We find many varities of ladoos and each one has its own verstility. Ladoos are made with different base ingredients like semolina,chick pea flour,wheat flour,lentils,nuts and dry fruits.
_ Iam preparing another famous ladoo of North India called "Motichoor ladoo" . These ladoos are soft, delish melt in mouth ladoo made with split chick peas,sugar and ghee.
_ The word ladoo comes from Sanskrit word' ladduka' or' lattika',meaning a small ball . 'Moti' means ' pearl' in Hindi ,and chur means ' to crush or ' to crumble'.
_ Therefore motichoor ladoo collectively means ' balls of crumbled pearls'.


_ One cup split chick peas
_ One cup Sugar
_ Half cup water
_ Orange food colour
_ Chopped almonds
_ Cashews
_ Little Ghee
_ Cooking oil

Step 1: Soak Split Chick Peas

_ First step is to soak split chick peas.Take one cup of split chick peas ( chana dal) and soak in water for 3 hours .

Step 2: Remove Water After Soaking

_ After soaking split chick peas for three hours remove the water.

Step 3: Blend to Paste

_ After removing water from soaked split chick peas transfer them to blender and blend to paste without adding any water

Step 4: Make Patties With the Paste

_ After blending to paste .Take small portion and make patties by just flattening them as shown in my image.
_ Repeat the same procedure and make all the patties.

Step 5: Fry Them

_ Next step is to fry the patties .Fry them until they turn little golden brown color .(Don't fry for long duration until they turn dark brown)
_ Repeat the same procedure and fry all the patties

Step 6: Break Into Pieces

_ After frying them we need to break all the patties in to small pieces .

Step 7: Blend

_ Transfer the pieces into blender and blend to little coarse powder.( Don't blend to totally fine powder)

Step 8: Preparing Sugar Syrup

_ Take one cup of sugar in a vessel. Add Half cup of water.

Step 9: Add Orange Food Colour

_ Add Orange food colour and give a mix . Once sugar syrup attains sticky consistency switch off the stove .

Step 10: Add Blended Mixture

_ Add blended mixture to the sugar syrup and again switch on the stove .Cook for 5 minutes by mixing until mixture thickens.

Step 11: Add One Tablespoon Ghee

_ Add one tablespoon ghee,little cardamom powder and give a mix .Adding ghee gives nice flavour to the ladoo.

Step 12: Add Chopped Almonds

_ When mixture thickenes add chopped almonds and give a mix .( You can even add cashews)

Step 13: Make Small Balls

_ Grease hands with little ghee and make small balls with the mixture .

Step 14: Make All Ladoos

_ Repeat the same procedure and make all the ladoos.
_ Decorate the ladoo with cashews .

Step 15: Enjoy the Ladoos

_ Store in container and enjoy motichoor ladoos

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