Introduction: Motion Detected Email Notification for DVR or NVR

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In this instructable we will be showing you how to setup motion detected email notifications on your DVR or NVR. Almost anyone who breaks into any building knows that people have resorted to installing CCTV systems in order to protect their belongings. The CCTV system becomes pointless if the thief steals the Video Storage unit as well (DVR or NVR). So an alternative would be to have a backup of it somewhere else the robber does not know of. We can do this by using the motion detection feature in the DVR or NVR which sends snapshots when there is any motion detected.

Step 1: Checking the Internet Connection

First we need to check on our internet connection by going to the network section of the device.

If it is not connected, you need press on Auto Configuration which will automatically adjust the settings according to the router, or if you prefer you can set it up manually.

Step 2: Setting Up the E-Mail Account

  1. Create a new E-Mail account (without two factor authentication) solely for the device to use (most popular providers are Gmail and Yahoo)
  2. Goto Email settings under Network Setup. (I will use Gmail for the email service)
  3. For the SMTP server type in (for Gmail) or (for Yahoo Mail)
  4. The port should be
    1. Gmail: 25 or 465 (for SSL) or 587 (for TLS)
    2. Yahoo Mail: 465 or 587
  5. The username should be the email address which is going to be sending the picture file.
  6. The password is the password of the email account.
  7. Encryption type should be set to SSL.
  8. You can set whatever you like for the Sender.
  9. The sendee is your receiving email account, this account can have two factor authentication.
  10. You can set whatever you like for the subject of the email.

By pressing the TEST button, the device will connect with the E-Mail Server to check if the information you entered is valid.

You will receive a test email to your receiving account.

Step 3: Motion Detection Settings

  1. Goto Video Detection settings (under Channel Setup) and enable email notice.
  2. You also need to select which areas should be detected by the camera.
  3. Thereafter you should restart the device so the new settings take effect.

Step 4: Testing

Once successfully set, you will receive emails with pictures attached whenever there is a movement detected by the camera.

Hope this instructable helped you in setting up motion detected email notifications from your device. If you need any assistance or have any questions, please let me know :)