Introduction: Motion Graphics in After Effects

In this fun and fast-paced class, you'll learn everything you need to know to complete your first motion graphic video in Adobe After Effects.

This is a great class to jump into with no Adobe After Effects experience at all. If making animated videos is something that interests you, this is the right class!!

What you'll need to make this all happen:

• Computer

• Adobe After Effects

• Good Attitude!!

Step 1: Set Up the Project


2. Start a NEW COMPOSITION (A composition is a work area. Most projects have multiple compositions.)

3. Ensure your composition settings are set up correctly. (1920x1080)

Step 2: Create the Elements

1. Use the SHAPE TOOL to make: 2 Squares, 1 Circle, and the background (To switch between square and circle tool, HOLD on the square icon till you see the drop-down menu appear.)

2. Rename all the layers to make them identifiable in the future (Do this by clicking on the name of the layer and hitting ENTER.)

Step 3: Make Things MOVE!!

1. Select the first shape layer and hit the "P" key to open its position settings.

2. Click on the stopwatch to create a KEYFRAME (This is a frame in time which saves an objects position data.)

3. In the timeline move to the 1-second mark, then drag the SHAPE across the screen. This will automatically create a new keyframe.

4. Move in the timeline to the 2-second mark and bring the shape back to where it began. This will create a LOOP effect.

5. Repeat these steps on the other 2 shape layers.

Step 4: Apply Final Touches

1. Select ALL of the keyframes and hit "F9" on the keyboard. This applies an easy ease which makes the motion speed up and slow down at a much more organic rate, rather than a consistent speed.

2. Turn on MOTION BLUR in the Project. (Motion Blur ads blur to things as they move. This makes the movement look more natural to the human eye.)

3. Turn on MOTION BLUR for each individual layer.

Step 5: Export Your Final Project

1. Go to composition and select ADD TO RENDER QUEUE (The render queue is where all of your videos are exported from.)

2. Select OUTPUT TO and choose the name and location you want your video to export to.

3. Hit that big RENDER button and enjoy your first Motion Graphics video!!

Step 6: BONUS: Video Tutorial

This is everything that we covered in the last five steps, done in a video for you.