Introduction: Motion Sensitive LED Throwies

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Designed to be placed/thrown on moving targets, these throwies utilize a crude motion sensor.

Step 1: Put the Batteries Together

Instead of using the cr2032 batteries, I use 2 button cell batteries. 1Put the batteries together (- to +) roll the two small batteries up in duct tape and trim the tape from each end.

Step 2: Cut a Piece of Guitar String

2 Cut a piece of the guitarstring (approx. 4") and roll up one end of the strig with your needle nose pliers. This hopefully will proctect eyes if in the event someone gets jabbed there.

Step 3: Tape the Other End

3 Tape the other end (unrolled) to the + end of the rolled up batteries.

Step 4: Roll the = Side of the LED

4 Roll the + side of the LED with the tip of your needle nose pliers.

Step 5:

5 Place the - end of the LED on the - end of the batteries and tape securely.

Step 6: Thread the Guitar String Thru the Hole

6. Thread the guitar string thru the hole you the made by rolling up the + side of the LED. The sensitivity of the guitar string can be tweaked by placing a bit of tin foil on the end of the string.

Step 7: Adjusting Motion Sensitivity

7 Sensitivity can be adjusted by placing a small bit of tin foil on the rolled end of the guitar wire.