Motion Sensor Illuminated Apartment Number



Introduction: Motion Sensor Illuminated Apartment Number

Get all the supplies you need. You will be making a small box that can be attached to the door with velcro double sided tape. Consider the weight of the material you chose to work with. In this case, we will be using the very light basswood.


Step 1: Overview of Project

Goal: create a NeoPixel and PIR Motion Sensor shadow box with a cutout of the apartment/house number. The box is mountable or attachable with velcro or double sided tape.

Necessary items: soldering iron, solder, Feather Huzzah, Data cable chord, Arduino Program (for code), Tinkercad (for circuit simulation and code), NeoPixel Strip, Stranded core wire, wire strippers, wire clippers, electrical tape, basswood (try anything, silicone, or a soft plastic could work), exacto knife, pencil, hot glue.

Need to know: how to solder, coding in tinkercad to construct a circuit, generate code, how to make a box out of basswood with a knife and hot glue -- get creative and be flexible as long as the main structure functions.

Customize what you want to display. Since we are making a box with a motion sensor and lights, you can chose the message you would like to stencil, as well as where you would find it useful to have a light turn on when there is activity near it.

Illuminated Apartment Number

Step 2: Stencil Numbers

Stencil out the numbers by drawing them on the wood with pencil. Use the exacto knife and cut gently along the markings. Then attach your PIR motion sensor and soldered circuit to this front part. Hot glue together, making sure not to melt anything or disrupt any of the connections.

Step 3: Solder

Connect the NeoStrip to the breadboard. Ground the board and make sure you have all the connections. If you are using pin 13 to transmit data, make sure that reflects in the code, as well as on the physical circuit.

Step 4: Test Your Code

Below find an example of the code that I used to upload. I made some changes along the lines, so please double check all your spacing. If you find an error please let me know. Otherwise, if all works according to plan, you should be getting the fade neopixel illumination when a stimulus is present in front of the sensor.

Step 5: Final Prototype and Goals

After all the parts are glued together, you will have a box made of whatever material you chose, here you will have basswood, that can be mounted on/near any door and light up when there is motion in front of the sensor. The design of the box can be embellished based on technique and materials available. The final picture is an illustration of an electricity powered light opposed to the small battery pack included in the light circuit.

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