Introduction: Motor Fan Setup


This is a basic guide on how to setup a motorized fan using an old dryer motor.

For simplicity, I won't be covering scrapping dryers for motors, there are lots of tutorials on youtube.


12vdc 8amp sla battery plugs into the 240vac 15amp inveter which acts
as a regulated power supply to the fan motor once wired correctly.


  • cable cutter
  • cable crimp tool
  • screw driver
  • v/ac plug
  • dc spade connectors
  • old dryer motor
  • 240v/ac 15amp regulated inverter
  • 12vdc battery/car battery

Wiring/From inverter to Motor with a default v/ac plug:

The neutral cable (blue) on the ac plug needs to be crimped with the correct size spade connector.

This changes from motor to motor, and is dependent on the size of the female cable connector already in use on the motor.

After the neutral cable (blue) has been crimped with the correct size spade connector on the ac plug, connect the neutral cable into the female cable connector, on the neutral cable (white) on the motor.

The hot cable (brown) also needs to be crimped with the correct size spade connectors, to fit the appropriate hot cable (black or blue), female cable connectors.

Depending on the terminal the hot cable (brown) is connected into on the motor, the direction the motor spins in will change.

Unscrew a protruding screw on the motor, and bolt the ground wire terminal extending from the ac plug, in place of that screw.


I hope this has been interesting, always remember the proper safety precautions when dealing with high voltage.

This is for educational purposes only. :)