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Introduction: Motor Spinner

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I first made this thing when i was fooling around withe motors, attaching a battery and leting it spin out, it did not last too long because the battery would not stay on.

then i made a spinner with a battery attached to it, it worked well but it was loaded with duct tape, and it i could not change it easily.

I tried again to make a spinner. it worked very well and was open enough to change. this machine might not be too great but its fun enough. and yes there is NO SOLDERING! it only has on wheel and sort of hovers above the ground. but it is sort of hard to turn on.

Step 1: Parts and Tools


1 Small motor
1 Triple A battery
2 small paper clips
2 pieces of hard wire
1 small square of sheet metal 1 x 3 (optional)
1 wheel (bottle cap, Small wheel from RC car, Cork, Whatever)
1 zip tie
duct tape


Wire stripers
needle nose pliers
Scissors (or wire cutters on pliers)
Super glue or hot glue (you may not need this but you should still have it)

Step 2: Attaching Paper Clips to Battery

first dog-ear the paper clips so they are at a right angle with the pliers.

then put them on the battery, make sure they don't touch, you might want to put them on opposite sides.

put a piece of duct tape on the battery so the paperclips stay on.

Step 3: Attaching Wheel to Motor

Pretty simple, glue the wheel or whatever to the axle, or if you don't need to glue, dont, but the wheel might fly off when done.

Step 4: Adding Battery to Motor

Take Zip tie and clamp the battery to the motor. Make sure you put the battery on the opposite side of the motor. using pliers or scissors, cut the exsess Zip tie and get rid of it.

Step 5: Adding Hard Wire

Hard wire is just wire that is not woven and bends well, the wire that they use to hoold toys to there packages is perfect, but I use some other wire i found.

Cut the wire so you have about 3 inches. strip both ends of the wire and attach it, on side on the loop on the paperclip, on side on the loop on the motor. do this twice and the wheel should spin, if it doesent then a paperclip is too far from the battery, don't fix it now. Make sure you use the needle nose pliers to squish the hard wire to the loops in the paperclips and motor.

Step 6: Sheet Metal

For the sheet metal you will need a piece of duct tape. put the duct tape over the connections on the motor so the metal does not short-circuit it.

Just wrap the sheet metal around the Spinner so it is tight, make sure the sheet metal is the kind that does not unbend, if it does get another piece and find out that sheet metal does not unbend, you are just an idiot for not knowing how to bend it.

the sheet metal is very use full. it will protect your spinner and it will destribute the heat of the motor, making it not over heat. it also lets the body slide on the floor easier when starting up. The last obvious thing other than making it look totaly awesome is that it keeps the wires in place. you do not need this but it will help performance.

Step 7: The Finished Product

Now that you have finnished you can smell the roses and watch your small spinner romp around on the floor or table!
To turn it on just get the connections right by pressing the paperclips and hope it stays on, i don't have switches but that deffeats the simplicity.

make two of them and let them fight!!!

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    Hmm, it seems to me that this is a great way to waste batteries (not to mention damage furniture).


    11 years ago on Step 6

    hi m8,

    Could you advise me

    I am working on electric car with metal detector on it .

    I was wondering if it possible whenever detector detects something electric should stop.

    waiting for respone


    Stephen D. Alverez
    Stephen D. Alverez

    Reply 11 years ago on Step 6

    I can't tell if you mean

    "When the detector detects something electric, the detector stops."


    "When the detector detects something electric, said something stops."


    "When a detector detects something, a binary switch turns off something else."

    You know we have a questions section, where you can ask questions about electrics to people who understand them better than I, for my understanding is outdated and old.

    I am suspecting you don't speak English, since I am finding things that are often seen in a translator, but the "M8" bit could just show that you text alot and have a possible Brit/Aussie accent. If you do speak English, please try to speak clearer, if not, I understand.

    I'm also assuming that when you say "electric car," you speak not of an actual automobile, but of a miniature car.

    Sorry if I was too late for this to be useful, but I have had difficulties getting online lateley.


    12 years ago on Step 6

    That looks fun. Add some LEDs and it would look like one of those spinning fireworks.