Introduction: Motorbike Restoration (light Restoration)

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This instructable is to show off my bike which i absolutely love! and more importantly how I got it from a rusted old bike to the beauty it is slowly becoming.

When I bought the bike it had been lying up for a few years and the owner knew nothing about its condition or how it ran or even if anything was wrong, but sure enough eager to make my first start into the world of motorcycle building I bought the bike for 500 euro.

A GN 125, with only 30,000k on it and at not a bad price either. I was really excited to see what I could do with this bike and above or below somewhere are pictures I took of the bike when I brought it home.

Step 1: Starting to Make a List

sorry I have no pictures of all the steps iv taken but I will know for next time!

Firstly I cleaned the carbs, no surprise they were clogged as hell. After putting them in I put in a battery and the bike started no problems! I was extremely releaved that it was'nt harbouring any engine issues.

Next I checked all the wheel nuts and brakes and gears (pretty much anything that would kill me if it was'nt functioning properly) and went for a drive.

I found out a couple things from the drive that were not really expected but that I knew could be issues and boy there were a few issues!

1.The chain was slipping on the sprockets

2.The bike was over reving

3.The shocks were completely siezed

4.The front wheel buckled

5.Rear mudguard shaking wildly

6.Speedo did not work

But now that I had a list of the problems I could begin to tackle them one by one and make this bike great again!

Step 2: The Little Things

Firstly I gave the bike a quick service. A new spark plug, new oil, new oil filter and a new speedo.

I had the oil lying around but the speedo was 10 euro on eBay along with 5 euro for the spark plug and 7 or 8 for the oil filter.

I also bought new seals for the forks but that was a lost cause as the springs were really damaged and those shocks were not going to be a cheap of easy repair.

Step 3: Making It My Own

I got bored and really disliked the bikes previous owners taste so I tore off the harley davidson eagle and gave the tank and side covers a quick paint with a spray can.

I know some of you will not be satisfied but I actually really like how it came out and the paint job isnt that bad for a can!

Also I got my hands on a complete front end off another GN 125 that was being sold for parts. The new shocks and wheel only cost me 70 euro which was'nt bad for there condition which is very good.

I also have a picture of the old shocks and front wheel off the bike and break disk which I swapped out for the new one as it looked in better condition.

Step 4: More Small Jobs

I done a few more small things with the bike including setting the idler screw on the carbs right at its 2 or 2 1/2 turns I forget but il correct myself later, a new spark plug cap which is more effective because its new and looks a lot nicer than that old huge cap, new chain and sprockets and a fuel filter.

Odd enough the bike dosent come with one but i just cut the fuel pipe and added one to stop the carb getting clogged again!

Too be continued!!! I will be doing more with the bike in the future!!!!