Introduction: Motorcycle Helmet Defogger

The face shield on a full-face motorcycle helmet fogging up can severely impair your ability to ride safely. In my experience, this condition is made worse in the rain. Riding in the rain is uncomfortable as it is and adding a foggy face-shield to the scenario just adds extra factors that could potentially lead to an accident.

Step 1: Items Needed:

  • Small DC fan (these can be found in old PC's or gaming consoles)
  • (4) Coarse Screws
  • (2) Battery ring terminal harness with quick disconnect ($5 on Amazon)
  • Small roll of Velcro

Step 2: Wiring the Device

One quick disconnect should be wired to the fan.

Step 3: Install Fan in Helmet

A small fan can fit by the mouth of the helmet, (4) screws can be used to hold the fan in place. The fan will allow cool air to pass though the helmet which will cool the rider's head and minimize fogging of the face-shield. The wires should be run above the helmet padding and fed out the back of the helmet, the wiring can be held in place with Velcro.

Step 4: Connect 2nd Quick Disconnect to Battery

The second disconnect's rings will be connected to the battery and can be fed to the passenger seat or through any opening from the battery.

Step 5: Connect Both Quick Disconnects

At this point, you can connect both quick disconnects and the fan will start whenever the motorcycle is turned, providing cool air that will circulate around the rider's head.