Introduction: Motorcycle Speaker System

Why pay over $300 for a sound system for your motocycle? This instructable show you how to build speaker system from a few common parts for about $75!

Step 1: Parts Needed

You will need:
2x Clamps to fit your handle bars (mine were 1 1/4" availiable on line for ~$10 from ebay)
1x Optronics QH-87CD 2 1/2" high performance Halogen driving light kit ($15 at Walmart)
2x 2" mid to full range speakers. Highter the RMS wattage the better.
(Partsexpress Tang Band W2-803SM $32.64)
4x 1" metal washers (Home Depot or Lows ~$2
Small peace of screen door
Wire and switch (can use parts from Halogen kit)
Also you may want
Mini amplifier (Ebay 500w for $18 shipped)
1/8" male phono to stereo rca type cable to plug audio source in to amp.

Step 2: Prepair the Speaker Housing

Open the Halogen lights and remove the light bulb and assembly. Remove the metal bulb support structure with a pair of plyers. Twisting on them with a little force will break them away. Thread the speaker wire in the opening.

Step 3: Prepare Speakers

Using the front cover from the light assemble, trace on the back of the speaker with awl. Use this as a guide so you will know where to cut. Using a rotery cutting tool trim the square speaker to the round shape. Be careful not to cut the speaker itself, just the plastic body. Leave about 3/8" of plastic around the speaker so that it will fit into the light cover.

Step 4: Finish the Speaker

With a 2" square peice of screen from a screen window, cut to fit in the light cover. Use a hot glue gun around the edges to hold the screen in.

Step 5: Assemble the Speaker

While the Hot Glue is still warm, place the speaker inside the light cover. Connect the speaker wire to the speaker. Insert the speaker, screen, and light cover into the light housing.

Step 6: Mount the Speaker

Mount the speakers to the handle bars using the clamps. Use the washers on the top and botton of the clamps to allow the speakers to be positioned. Run your wire under the tank to the location of your amp. The amp may be placed in several locations depending on your bike. You may want to place it in a tank bag, saddle bag, under head light tool bag or if there is room, under the seat. You may also want to get an optional in-line fuse for the amp power.
Connect the amp to your audio source. You can use an mp3 player, AM/FM radio, Cd etc.