Introduction: Motorcycle Touring Lashing Points

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This instructable is for anyone who, like me has has found their motorcycle luggage wanting when it comes to lashing points. When motorcycle touring (particularly if camping) it seems that you need much more space than the panniers and top box provide so strapping additional bags to the bike becomes a necessity.

Step 1: Locate the Correct Hardware

The first thing to do is find a hook or handle that is up to the job. Initially I used some marine fittings that I had lying around, but these are very expensive, then I decided to see if Ikea had anything suitable.The best thing I found is a product called SATTA. These are brilliant handles and very cheap. They are black plastic which matches most panniers and top boxes and they are incredibly tough. I think they are a thermoset plastic or possibly ABS, but they can really withstand abuse. Unfortunately it seems that these have been discontinued. I have also used the slightly wider ATTEST handles. These are stainless which is heavier obviously, but also extremely tough. It seems that these are also discontinued. Both can be found on sites like eBay, though, so worth having a look there.

Otherwise Ikea has a couple of other options in their current range: BAGGANAS and GUBARP. These look as thought they are well up to the job and may even be better choices as the mounting point is wider in each which will spread the load further.

Once you have found some suitable handles, spend some time looking at your bike set up and deciding where you need the lashing points. Ideally you don't want to add too many, and you don't want to relocate them if you discover that they are not in the right position.

Think about where you will want to strap things and even put the additional bags on the bike to locate the handles in the right position and angle. I knew that I wanted to put something on top of the top box and on the pillion seat.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you feel inside the luggage when deciding on the mounting point as some will have additional plastic ribs/moulding which might make it difficult to attach or require a different bolt.

Step 2: Mark Out and Drill Holes

Measure and mark out your holes prior to drilling.

From the examples that I gave, the measurements between the centres are:

SATTA and GUBARP handles: 96mm

ATTEST and BAGGANAS handles: 128mm

(But check before you drill!)

Drill the holes with a 6mm twist drill.

Step 3: Affix Handles

The Ikea handles are made to fit into drawers and cupboard doors, so the bolts are quite long to accommodate the material thickness. In most cases the walls of the luggage will be much thinner, so you will have to cut down the bolts to fit. Use some penny washers on the inside of the panniers to spread the load and prevent the bolts from bursting out under pressure.

Step 4: Enjoy Your New Carrying Capacity!

With your new carrying capacity you can take almost anything on the road. Including your dog!

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