Introduction: Motorcycle Pelican Case

I saw caribou cases and I thought instead of buying a 350$ top case for my motorcycle, I went to and grabbed a hprc case for 80 bucks. I then went to ace hardware and spent about 15 bucks on screws and washers.

Step 1: Pull Off Rack From Bike

Lay your rack on top and measure to the center of the case. so you know where to drill the holes.

Put bolts through. My rack had spots for the bolts to lock into place. I put nuts there to raise the case since it is not flat on the bottom.

Step 2: Nylon Washers

Your case sits on these

Step 3: Mount Case

Mount the case and add your washers.

Step 4: Bolt It Down

I used lock nuts.

Step 5: Mount It to Bike