Introduction: Motorised Rolling Shutter

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Hello there!!!. First of all thanks for your views & appreciation for my previous instructables. Here I came with other one which will help you to build up a motorized shutter.Comment your views. Lets get started.

Step 1: Need for the Mechanism:

Pushing and pulling the shutter physically is a monotonous undertaking that devours both vitality and time. This work is focused for taking care of both the issues and giving an idea to motorized shutter that is reasonable for all. This work is focused around a framework that might figure out whether the shutter ought to be shut automatically. This will be achieved using a few gadgets like chain drive, pinions, motor, etc.

Step 2: Material Required:

1) Chain Drive 1.5 feet with chain wheel & sprockets

2) Sprocket chain (as per size)

3) Pedestal Bearing: 25mm - 2nos

4) Shaft - 2.5 feet long ,25mm dia (I have used)

5) Curtain 6 feet X 1.5 feet length to width (I have used)

6) Guide Channels (6 feet long)

7) DC Wiper motor 24V 80Watt 75 rpm

8) Falt metal plates to create cylindrical drum for curtain.

9) Nut, Bolt & Washers

Step 3: Construction:

The First important part is the drum where the shutter curtain roll will be carried out. The drum is manufactured as per the dimensions & one side of curtain is fixed on it. (Refer images) Mount the drum on the Guide channels with bearing & shaft. (Refer image). The hollow drum shaft is mounted with the help of bearings in such a way that it can move with the drum & shutter curtain.

First thing to make sure for any shutter is to check whether it is moving easily through the guide path. Guide paths are nothing but the two vertical guide channels through which curtain of metal plates move. The structure should be strong enough to sustain weight of body. The drum attached rolls the curtain on it while making movement of shutter up & down. The distance between drum & the guide paths are adjusted so as to confirm the drum should move freely without any problem.

The drive system consists of pinion wheel, sprocket & chain which is connected between shaft & motor. The wiper motor used is designed to work for heavy loads & has very low rpm (75 rpm). This wiper motor can carry up to 10-15 kg of load easily as its starting torque is high. These motors are found in cars or truck wipers. I have used truck`s wiper motor as its designed for heavy duty working. Place a motor from shaft in such a way that it can operate the mechanism. ( Refer construction images attached ).

Step 4: Power Supply:

Instead of using battery for operating motor, I have used AC to DC transformer. It minimizes battery maintenance & replacement cost. It can provide up to 3 amp & 24 Volts.

Step 5: Working of Mechanism:

All the parts & movable linkages are confirmed to be attached properly. The 24V DC power supply is required to run the motor. The connections are made for AC to Dc supply to make it ready to use. A switch provided makes rotation of motor clockwise & in anticlockwise direction so that the shutter will move up & down.The wiper motor attached serves the purpose of making a slow movement which is necessary. Thus, simple motorized shutter is operated.

Step 6: Final Model:

Sorry for bad image quality.

Step 7: ​Follow On:

Step 8: Working: