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Introduction: Motorised Rotating Platform

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I really needed a rotating platform, to put a product on it and get Dramatic effects in the video. This ups the quality of video. Check out the video above to know what I am talking about.

Motorized Rotating Platform can be used for other purpose as well, as it gives steady movement unlike rotating with hand. So, I did a quick research and came up with this Idea.

Step 1: Materials and Tools Required and Cost

I used these items to Build this project.

1) SNUDDA (Lazy Suzan) from IKEA - Normal Rotating Platform

2) High Geared DC Motor form eBay

3) Few Popsicle sticks

4) Wire and USB Connector be able to connect it to USB port (Computer, Powerbank, phone etc)

Tools required

1) Hot Glue Gun

2) Wire cutter etc.


Around $13 ($8 for SNUDDA, $3 for Motor and remaining $2 for others)

Step 2: Assembly and Powering

In this project all I had to do was to somehow attach the High Geared motor to the rotating platform (SNUDDA).

For this I used a few Popsicle sticks and hot glue to build a base on which Motor was mounted.

At the end of motor shaft I attached HOT GLUE by cutting a small section from the GLUE STICK, this would provide grip to motor while rotating the platform.


This motor is rated at 12v. It is high geared so the speed is slow. But I made it to run on USB power which is 5 volts to make it much more slower. As for video, I can speed up in the FCPX or AE, so that's not a problem.

Note: Just make the Motor base a bit heavy to provide good grip while rotating the platform.

Step 3: Completion and Running

After building the platform and completing the wiring process its time to hit the button.

Place this at a nice place on your desk setup and get cool shots. It definitely adds to the quality of video.

I have been using this since the day I made. Its very reliable.

Finally, I am happy about how this came along from Idea and to reality. Very easy.

Checkout the Video above to see how it works.

Hope you enjoyed the process and Liked this Project :) I think everyone should have one of these.

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