Introduction: Motorized Bicycle Fuel Mixture

In order to keep your motorized bicycle running well, you need a proper fuel mixture. This will increase the lifespan of all of the parts involved, as well as lubricate certain parts as well. The mixture consists of 2-stroke oil, and 91 octane gasoline. The oil will flow through the same parts as the gasoline, lubricating them along the way. The oil will lubricate the gas tank shutoff valve, the carburetor, and the inside of the engine (the pistons). During the combustion process, a majority of the oil, after lubricating the cylinder, will be burned off. The remainder will run through and drain out of the exhaust.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Materials Required:

You will need:

A Gas container

A funnel


2-Stroke Oil

And of course a motorized bike.

Step 2: Purchase Gasoline

This step is fairly simple- head to the gas station and purchase gasoline. 91 octane gasoline is ideal, however, 89 or 87 will work just fine. Before purchasing gasoline, determine how much you will need. The average motorized bicycle kit uses a 1/2 gallon tank, so a gallon will fill up two tanks. The bike also goes 150 mpg, so a gallon should last a fairly long time. Keep in mind that oil deteriorates while it is mixed with gasoline, so only mix the amount of oil you need.

In this demonstration, I will be mixing one gallon of fuel. I will fill up an empty gas container with one gallon of 91 octane gas.

Step 3: Purchase Oil

Oil is relatively easy to purchase, and inexpensive as well. A trip to your local automotive store will normally yield results- most stores have two stroke oil. The oil I am using is Lucas Oil 2-Stroke oil, which is blue. A majority of 2-stroke oil is blue, however, you will occasionally find other colors.

Step 4: Determine the Amount of Oil to Mix

The method for determining the amount of oil to mix is simple. A new bicycle, for the first 450 miles (3 tanks of gas) should use a mixture of 16:1- 16 parts gasoline to 1 part oil. A broken-in bicycle will use a 20:1 ratio.

I am using one gallon of fuel. This means that I will need 1/20 of a gallon of 2-stroke oil, which is about 7 oz.

Step 5: Creating the Mixture

This step, while easy, can be messy. Be sure to do this in a well ventilated area, away from any hazardous ignition sources. You are going to need to pour the necessary amount of oil into your gas container, then mix it up. This can easily be done by using a funnel. Once you have poured the oil in, close the container tightly, then swirl it around to mix the oil. DO NOT put the oil directly into the gas tank and mix it there- this could lead to inconsistency in the mixture, and inject only oil or only gasoline, which would not be good for the bicycle in any case.

Step 6: Pour in Gas Tank and Use!

Finally, fill up your gas tank to the desired amount. The resulting fuel mixture should look mostly clear, with a slight hint of the color oil you are using. Now, use the bicycle as normal, with confidence that the proper fuel-oil mixture will keep the bicycle running smoothly!