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In this tutorial, I show you how you can make your bicycle motorized.

For this, you need one bicycle and 80 cc engine.

(1) Buy 80cc engine with the full kit :

Step 1: Selection of Bicycle

First of all, go to a bicycle shop and select a triangular shape frame bicycle from a shop.

I buy this bicycle from a shop at 100 $ price.

Bicycle Should be

1) Triangle frame

2) No any Shock absorber

3) No Gear

Then you need to disassemble the back wheel of this bicycle.

Step 2: Bicycle Sprocket Fitting

In this bicycle, there is small sprocket at a left side of a wheel.

But we need to fit another big sprocket right side of a wheel.

To fit we need rubber ring and other fitting material like picture 1.

1) Insert one rubber ring inside the wheel and one outer wheel.

2) Place sprocket on the second rubber ring.

3) Then Fit all 9 nut-bolt using wrench and help of two people.

4) Then Re joint back wheel with a frame.

Step 3: Place 80 Cc Engine

Take 80 cc engine and place on a bicycle frame and tight nut-bolt like pic-2.

Then take spark plug and fit this.

Step 4: Clutch

Take clutch and fit this on a bicycle handle.

Then joint clutch wire with 80 cc engine clutch pad.

Step 5: Chain & Chain Tension-er

Then disassemble clutch part of the engine and pass the chain through engine sprocket.

Then rejoint clutch pad and pass the chain through wheel sprocket.

This chain should be some loose in the frame.

so take chain tensioner and fit the chain.

Step 6: Carburetor and Accelerator

Take Accelerator of bicycle and fit on a right-hand side bicycle handle.

Then fit accelerator wire to a carburettor and fit with 80 cc engine.

Step 7: Fuel Tank

Fit the Fuel tank at the upper pipe of the bicycle frame.

Step 8: Ignition Coil

Take ignition coil and place on the frame.

Then connect ignition to spark plug.

Then connect black wire to black wire of engine and anyone accelerator wire.

Then connect Blue wire to blue wire of engine and other accelerator wire.

Step 9: Fuel Pipe

Join fuel pipe with a filter between a fuel tank and carburettor.

Step 10: Silencer

Join silencer to 80 cc engine using bolt.

Step 11: Fuel

Take 1-litre petrol + 40ml 2T oil and fill in a tank.

Step 12: Enjoy!

Enjoy this bicycle.

Watch full video.

if you have any query about to make project than read this article.

How to make Motorized Bicycle at home

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