Introduction: Motorized Fans

The drill is attached to the metal rod of 1 fan. As 1 fan spins, the other spins the opposite direction through the pulleys.

Step 1: The Base and Frame

1) The 2 frames are 1x12x0.5 inch blocks

2) The base is 12x5x2 inch block

3) Nail the 2 frames to one side of the edge of the base

Step 2: The Fans

1) Cut out 2 fans with jigsaw and sand out the edges

2) Attach metal spacer to fans

3) Drill hole through spacer to attach the fan to the frame.

Step 3: Putting It Together

1) Drill holes to put the fans onto the frame

2) Put rubber spacer on metal rod attached to fan

3) Stick the rods into the frame as seen in the pictures

4) Add second rubber cap on the outside to hold in place

Step 4: The Pulleys

1) Place metal frame for pulleys at opposite end of the 2 frames

2) Put 2 rubber spacers in the center of a metal rod and put 2 plastic red pulleys onto the rod

3) Place 2 more rubber spacers on the outside of the red pulleys

4) Stick the rod into the metal frame as seen in the pictures

5) Put rubber bands on the pulley and attach them to the large metal spacers and twist 1 rubber band

6) Stick 2 rubber spacers on the outside of the metal pulley frame to hold in place

Step 5: Finished Product

1) Make sure all parts are stable and rubber bands are attached to pulleys

2) Tighten drill onto the metal rod of the fan and let it rip