Introduction: Motorized K'nex Claw

This instructable is for a simple motorized K'nex Claw. The claw can grab most things. The instructable is to allow the reader to build the claw and improve on in it in any fashion they choose (style, strength, size, etc.) and use it for practically anything.

Here's a video demonstrating how it works.

Note: Go to the last step (step 9) of this instructable to see a video of how this claw was used. This can give you some ideas of what you can possibly do with this claw.

Step 1: Building Materials

The following items are needed to make the motorized K'nex claw:
Note: All required K'nex pieces are STANDARD sizes

*Blue spacers (x10)
*Tan single connector (x7)
*Gray spacers (x4)
*Gray single connector (x20)
*Gray double connector (x5)
*Yellow BROKEN rod [2 1/8" length] (x1)
*White rod (x18)
*Green rod (x13)
*Orange double connector (x5)
*Red triple connector (x11)
*White 8-connector (x2)
*Blue rod (x8)
*Yellow rod (x11)
*Purple [3-dimensional] 4-connector(x8)
*Navy [3-dimensional] 7-connector (x2)
*Green 4- connector (x5)
*Gray small gear (x1)
*Red medium gear (x2)
*Triangular plates [see photo for reference] (x4)
*Motor pack [Battery power pack is acceptable] (x1)

For further help, look at the photo of various K'nex pieces and mouse over each piece to show how many of each is needed.

Step 2: Claw Top

Assemble the top of the claw and place aside for next step. See images to assemble the claw top.

Step 3: Claw Bottom

Assemble the bottom of the claw and gather the claw bottom assembly and prepare to combine the top and bottom together.

Step 4: Apparatus

Combine claw bottom and top together. Place aside for the next couple of steps. See images for assistance.

Step 5: Jaws

Make 2 sets of each; the left and right sided jaws. Gather the apparatus.

Step 6: Claw Main Assembly

Have fun with this part. Assemble the jaws to the apparatus of the claw. Motor is optional and a manual crank can be created if desired with a rubber band if claw is to be controlled directly by hand.

Note: Make sure to calibrate the jaws so that they are symmetrical, position-wise, according to the teeth of  red medium gears.

Step 7: Motor Setup

Assemble the motor setup in preparation to mount onto the claw main assembly. The broken rod piece will be used here. See picture for more details.

Note: Use any old broken rods first before breaking new ones to conserve K'nex pieces.

Step 8: Mounting

This step pay close attention to the details. Mount the motor onto the claw main assembly. See pictures for more detail. (Apologies about the darkness of the photos)

Warning: This may be the most difficult part of assembling the claw.

Step 9: Completed Claw

Congratulations! You have finished building the motorized K'nex Claw. Wire it to a DC power source and watch the jaws open and close. If the power source only provides current in one direction, find one that can give power in both directions to allow the claw to open and close, electrically.

Warning: Do not use a power source over 12V DC without adding resistors.

Note: The claw that this instructable shows, was originally for a K'nex claw/crane machine game. See the video below of its use. There are endless possibilities of utilizing this claw! Explore and modify the claw in anyway that is desired.

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