Motorized LED Fidget Spinner

Introduction: Motorized LED Fidget Spinner

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Here I will show you how to connect you led fidget spinner to a Motor

Step 1: Things You Will Need

You will Need

1x small CPU Fan,

1x Led Fidget Spinner,

Two Part Adhesive,

Fewikwik(super Glue)

,One Cheap Bearing, 22MM OD& 8MM ID

2x CR2032 Cells,

1x Small Switch

Zip Ties

Step 2: Remove the Armature

Take the CPU Fan & Remove the Armature from the Square Casing &

Once you remove the armature cut the blades of the fan Use Sand paper on the sharp edges to get a even surface.Its Really easy , Hold the bottom of the armature & run the motor and keep touching the sharp edges with a sand paper

If you are Minor then "DO IT UNDER ADULT SUPERVISION".

After Sanding the Edges You will get really smooth Finish.

Step 3: Dismantle the Bearings

Take the Cheap Bearings and remove the protective cap from each sides and keep it asidewe will need it at a later stage.

take the cheap bearing and remove the inner diameter ring it is really easy to remove that if it the cheap one

The Alternative for this step is the Bottle cap of a Package Drinking Water (But Need to Make a 10MM Hole exactly in the Centre of the cap)

Step 4: Stick the Bearing to the Bearing of the Fidget Spinner

Once you remove the Inner ring

Apply Some Two Part Adhesive on the top Edges of the outer Ring

Remove the Bearing out of your fidget Spinner & Stick it On Top of the Outer Ring.

Do this care fully As you don't want any glue Going inside the Fidget Spinner Bearing.

Use Epoxy instead of Fewikwik as you will need little Precision to Put the Bearing onto the Ring

Once Aligned correctly Let it dry for a While

Step 5: Connect the Bearings to the Armature

Take the Armature and apply the Adhesive on the Top As I have done then Place the Bearing in exact Center ( the Cheap Bearings should be stuck to the Armature) other wise it will wobble.

Do a test run at low speed to check if its in center . Once you're sure let the Adhesive Dry for sometime.

Apply Little Hot Glue on soldering points of the Wires going inside the Armature so the Wires will not come out of the Joints.

Step 6: Connecting the Wires

Cut the Black wire in Half and remove some Insulation and wind it onto the Bearing Caps removed out of the cheap bearing this will act as battery holder.

Take the Red Lead and solder or Just wind
it on to the Switch and connect another Wire On the other end of the Switch Then Wind the second bearing cap on the other wire going out from the switch.

Step 7: Placing the Battery

Now Place the Battery in between the two protective caps of the cheap bearing .The Black wire will go to the negative & the connecting lead of the Switch will go to the positive.

Take a Zip Tie And Tighten it on the battery And switch so that its firm enough & the Connector lead are touching the batteries.Cut the Extra ends of Cable ties and do a test run to see if its working.

Once you're sure if the whole setup is working then stick the battery to the Bottom of the Armature stick using hot glue gun

Step 8: Time to Test

Yes Its working

Mistakes I did

I used a 12 volt Fan so its little Big. You can use a smaller Fan as well &And Instead of making a Makeshift Battery compartment like me Use the CR2032 Battery compartment Which is much easier to Work with.

Thank you for Watching.

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