Introduction: Motorized Lazy Susan

About: I'm 17 and I love woodworking.

Material list:
3/4 inch MDF
1/2 inch MDF
12v Motor
Bataries (6 AA whired in series)
Batterie holders
Wier (Black and Red)
Paint (pick a color you like but wight is the beast for photography)
Small pack of 1 inch screws

Tool list:
Drill bits
Pen or pencil

Step 1: Cutting

First you need to daw a crucial,
Then Cut out the crucial using a jigsaw,
After you have done this you then need to sand down the edges so they are nice and smooth.

Step 2:

Drill small hole in the center of the top plate for the motor.
Use the shaft on your motor to find the correct size drill bit.

Step 3:

Cut a slot out of the 3/4 inch MDF and attach it to your bace to hold the motor.

Step 4: Paint

Next you are going to want to pant all the parts that are MDF.

Step 5: Wiring

Un fournatly the motor I had was broken and I was not able to finish the wiring. I was planning on using AA battery's wiered in series to make 12v for the motor, it was going to be switch so that I could easily turn it on and off.