Introduction: Motorized Recycled Plastic Bottle Glue Gun


this is how I used a plastic bottle cutter as a source of glue gun

I used a glue gun hot end

and easy driver module for stepper motor driving

an Arduino UNO as a control board

and some rubber bearings

and some plastic strips recycled from a juice bottle

some screws and nuts.

Step 1: Step 1 : Glue Gun Hot End

easily extract he hot end from glue gun

Step 2: Step 2 : Making a Lead Way for Plastic Strip

I used a MDF sample board as a flat guide to hold things together

stepper motor will pull the strip and unravel it from spool that I'll make next.

but the stepper wont do it by its own, so I added a rubber washer on stepper motor gear and a rubber bearing next to it to make a friction.

Step 3: Step 3 : Spool and Guide

I attached the strip spool and a guide to the gears that pulls the strip

Step 4: Step 4 : Easy Driver Module and Arduino Uploads

simply uploaded code file to Arduino and wired the easy driver module to the UNO board to drive the stepper motor with a ON/OFF switch.

here is a sample to make the driver run for a default speed and etc.

but as you can see you have to make it comfortable as you plastic alloy

so I copied the default code so you can make it better for your own material.

and its really easy to find and edit Easydriver module codes and samples.

#define DISTANCE 3200
int StepCounter = 0;

int Stepping = false;

void setup() {

pinMode(8, OUTPUT);

pinMode(9, OUTPUT);

digitalWrite(8, LOW);

digitalWrite(9, LOW);

pinMode(3,INPUT); }

void loop() {

if (digitalRead(3) == LOW && Stepping == false) { Stepping = true; }

if (Stepping == true) {

digitalWrite(9, HIGH);


digitalWrite(9, LOW);


StepCounter = StepCounter + 1;

if (StepCounter == DISTANCE) { StepCounter = 0; Stepping = false; }



Step 5: Step 5 : Usage and Test

as you are aware I used it but because of time I couldn't make a proper housing for it cus i dont have a 3d printer yet.

but its really reliable and useful and i will try to prove it asap.

the temperature is fine and unraveling process is working just fine

the glue it makes is a bit loose so its more useful to me because glue gun glue bars takes space in some places that I don't want to use super glue and I need the space as well.

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