Introduction: Motorized SUP Paddle

I'm a lazy guy so I decided to build a motorized SUP paddle. It's made of a broom stick, a 3s 18650 lipo battery, an on/off switch and a 1100gph bilge pump. It's sufficient to power an inflatable SUP board in calm water. You will need:

Warning: in order to be on the safe side, please keep always a paddle with you. Do not use this motorized paddle in open water and strong currents as it will only work in calm water.

Step 1: 3s Lipo Battery

  • Please refer to my 3s Lipo instructable on how to make a 3s lipo pack. Here is the link.
  • You can use other 12V batteries/sources too.

Step 2: Modify a Broom Stick

  • Take a broom stick.
  • Wire the On/off switch between the bilge pump and the battery pack. Ensure the correct polarity. Usually it is negative to negative and positive to positive. You want the pump to pump and not to suck!
  • Mount the bilge pump to the end of the broom stick. Use cable ties and duct tape. This end of the motorized paddle will be in the water!
  • On the other end of the broom stick mount the on/off switch and the battery. This end of the motorized paddle will be out of the water. Again, use cable ties and duct tape.
  • Fix the wires of the pump to the broom stick. Use cable ties.

Step 3: Have Fun!

  • First, test your motorized paddle. Hold it in the water and turn the switch on. The pump should start to pump water. You can now fill the power of the water flow caused by the pump. The water flow will act like a jet and propeller your SUP when in water.
  • Now take your SUP to the water. Ensure that you have a paddle with you in case the motorized paddle does not work. Cruise around using your motorized paddle and enjoy!

Step 4: