Introduction: Motorized Skateboard

This instructable will show you how to easily build the most epic skateboard on earth. The best part about it? IT GOES ALL BY ITSELF!!!!

Step 1: Necessary Materials

- Tetrix kit (for wheels, wires, battery, and motors)

- Wood

- Screws

Step 2: Building the Wheels

To build these wheels, you will need these specific pieces from the Tetrix kit:

- 4 wheels with black outsides

- 2 motors

- 4 motor shaft collars

- 4 bronze bushings

- 2 motor mounts

- 8 1/2 inch screws

- 2 x 32mm channel

- 1 100 mm shaft

- One axle hub

Once you have gotten all these pieces you need to assemble them. To create the two front wheels you need to take the lone 100mm shaft and tighten the axle hub in the very center of the shaft. Next on each side of the axle hub place two bronze bushings with the thicker portion closest to the axle hub. Next on each side put one of the 32mm channels so that the shaft goes through both sides of the channel. Then place one more bronze bushing on the end to seal the channel in there on each side. You need to then put the motor shaft collars into the wheels and screw it in from the outside. Then put the ends of the shaft into the wheels and screw it tight on both sides using the shaft collar. That's the two front wheels done. Next you have to recreate the process of putting the motor shaft collars of the wheels and screwing it in. Then place the motor mount onto the front of the motor. Next place the thin part of the motor into the wheels and screw the motor shaft collars tight. Repeat the process for the other wheel and BAM you have finished the wheels.

Step 3: Putting the Frame Together

Starting off, you need a long board, with dimensions 60.5 cm by 25.4 cm which is 2.4 cm thick. You will need 4 pieces of 1 inch thick wood with dimensions of 6.5 x 8.5 cm. It is ideal to keep all your wood the same dimensions, although if you cannot then it is OK!! Generally you want two blocks stacked on top of each other closer to the back, and then to blocks about 12cm apart. Place the two stacked on top of each other in the center of the board, 9cm from the top. Next place the other two in a line, about 24cm away from that one.

Next, screw the pieces of wood in place and then screw the two motorized wheels onto the back two pieces of wood and screw the non motorized wheels onto the front piece of wood.

Step 4: Wiring

To wire the skateboard, you will need to have the battery, as well as some alligator clips and the wires and switch from the Tetrix kit. Hook the battery up to the cord that attaches to the switch. Then using alligator clips, hook up the negative of one battery and the positive of another to the positive of the battery and do the same with the remaining two motor charges. This will make both of the motors spin forward.

Step 5: HAVE FUN!!

You have successfully created the best motorized skateboard on earth. Have fun with it and be safe!!