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Introduction: Mount HD Camera on Crossbow or Rifle Scope

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This is a simple and very effective way of mounting a camera to a crossbow or rifle scope. For me this will be very useful in examining my shot timing and the angle the deer (or whatever target) is to me. Plus it's just fun!

I used a bicycle reflector mount wrapped around the scope of my crossbow and fastened a Contour HD cam to it. It's light weight, small profile doesn't get in the way and blends in well.

Step 1: Materials and Supplies

1. Scope mounted on something

2. Lightweight camera

3. Reflector bracket from bicycle seatpost or frame

4. 3/4 inch long 1/4 - 20 thread bolt and a lockwasher. This is the size that goes into the bottom of the camera.

5. #2 phillips head screwdriver

6. 7/8" open end wrench

7. 1/4" drill bit and drill

Step 2: Prepare the Mount

I needed to be able to fit the bolt through the mount and into the camera base. Using the 1/4" drill bit, I enlarged the hole so the mounting bolt could easily, but snugly, go through.

I didn't want to tear apart a camera tripod just for the bolt and I couldn't find the right size in my tool box. I had these license plate bolts in one of the drawers and they are the same size. They were on a 1972 BSA Thunderbolt my wife used to have. I thought it was appropriate considering the history of BSA Here's a little info on BSA.

Step 3: Mount the Bracket on the Scope

****Be very careful**** Be gentle around your scope.

Spread the bracket out and slide it under the scope from behind and then close it around the scope. Use the rubber spacers that come with reflector mounting brackets (if you got a new one, or if it came off a bike with one) or cut some rubber from an inner tube or something similar.

Rotate the bracket so the camera mounting bolt will be facing upwards and screw down the bracket so it's snug on your scope, but don't over tighten it. Especially with the rubber, it won't take much to keep it on firmly without twisting.

Step 4: Attach the Camera

Now just place the camera over the mounting bracket and tighten the bolt to hold it down. Adjust it as necessary for aim and you're all ready.

Step 5: Try It Out

I took a quick shot to see how well it worked. There wasn't much moving around in the woods today, but I did really want to get a deer. I had to settle with Deer Park ;) The chopstick shows where I got it.

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