Mount a Projector



Introduction: Mount a Projector

So you have a projector and you are getting tired of putting it on top of a tripod or a stack of books? There are many benefits of mounting a projector with the biggest one being that you free up a lot of space in your room!

Step 1: Materials Required

Step 2: Locate the Stud and Mount the Base Plate

Using a stud finder, locate the stud so that you can mount the base plate. It is very important to be mounting on a stud as the drywall may not have enough strength to hold the projector up.

Once the stud is located, mark where it is and then mark where you plan to drill the holes. It is a good idea to use a pencil for this as it can be erased later on. Drill the two holes and then mount the base plate onto the wall. The projector should not be on the mount at this time! Notice how the base plate pictured here has a hook to hook the actual projector on. We will use this later on.

Step 3: Attach the Mount to the Projector

Now it is time to screw the mount onto the projector. To start off, locate the screw mount holes on the projector. You will be attaching those to the mount. The purpose of those screw holes is so that they are sturdy and strong as a result of being attached to the frame of the projector.

Using the adjustable arms, attach it onto the mount. Make sure it is tight as we do not want the projector falling off.

Step 4: Join Both Parts of the Mounts Together

Now that we have both parts, hook the projector onto the base plate that is mounted on the wall. The purpose of the hooks is so that the projector can easily be taken out and serviced.

Step 5: Calibrate the Projector

Play with your projector's settings and calibrate it so that it is straight on your wall/screen. You may want to play with the horizontal and vertical keystone. It is also worth noting that you can also adjust your mount to get the image that you want. Be aware that using keystone will distort the image and decrease the quality of the image.

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