Introduction: Mount a TV/monitor on the Wall

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In an effort to reclaim some of my desk space, I’ve decided to mount my second monitor up on the wall and use the current monitor shelf as a stand for my laptop.

Step 1: Materials

To mount it on the wall, I’ll be using this TV mount from Gembird that is good for up to 40 kilograms and should be pretty strong.

Tools and materials needed:

TV Mount

Screwdriver Set

Hammer Drill

Hammer Drill Bits

Spirit Level

Step 2: Figure Out Placement

I’ve started by removing the recording setup I have on my desk, and figuring out the height that I want the monitor to be. As you can see, I like my monitor really high as it helps my back and neck while I work.

I’ve used the mounting plate of the TV holder and a water level, to mark out the locations where I needed to drill into the wall and I marked the locations with a pencil. I made sure to mark it where I know for sure that no electrical cables or pipes are going through the wall.

Step 3: Drill Into the Wall

The holder came with the mounting hardware, containing 10 mm plastic anchors and the appropriate screws and washers. To make the drilling easier, I first used a 6 mm drill bit in my hammer drill to make the holes and then I enlarged them with the 10 mm drill bit. The plastic anchors are then hammered into the holes.

Step 4: Attach the Mounting Plate

Before I attached the holder to the wall, I removed the screen mounting plate from it and using the provided screws I attached it to the back of my monitor. Since the length of the provided screws was too big, I used double washers on each to fit the screw in the inserts on the monitor.

Step 5: Mount on the Wall

While attaching it to the wall, I first loosely tightened all of the screws and I used my water level to check that it is all vertical before tightening the screws all the way.

Step 6: Hang the Monitor

At the end, I mounted the mounting plate together with the monitor using the single bolt on the back. The tricky part here is aligning the two plastic washers with the holes but if was fairly easy to be done.

Step 7: Cleanup and Enjoy!

After that I proceeded with the much needed cleaning up of the work area and I can not be happier with how it all came together. The desk is spacious with a ton of storage and if you want to know how you can make one for yourself, check my video on the link, where I explain how you can build furniture out of melamine.

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