Mount the IPhone in Windows Via Wifi As a Drive Letter!

Introduction: Mount the IPhone in Windows Via Wifi As a Drive Letter!

This is very "noob" friendly and only require two things:
1.) Jailbroken iPhone
2.) Open-ssh installed on iPhone

If you use linux than you know how handy sshfs is, but if your on Windows and want to move files around as if the iPod was a normal drive you could open in "My Computer" than you will need this instructable. And yes, you can have root access to the device!

You will need these three files:
Dokan SSHFS 0.6 (updates)
Dokan SSHFS 0.2 (The main program)
Dokan Library 0.6 (The drivers and such that make it all work)

All three files can be located here

Step 1: Installing the Three Files

(Don't forget to run all of these as ADMINISTRATOR)

First install the library

Now install the Program (0.2)

Now just apply the updates(manually). Copy the files from (0.6) and overwrite the files in
C:\Program Files\Dokan\DokanSSHFS
C:\Program Files (x86)\Dokan\DokanSSHFS

Step 2: Setup the IDevice

Skip this step if you already have SSH on your iPhone and know how to use it...

Install open ssh (from CYDIA app on the startupscreen)
the default password for root is

change this by sshing into the device via terminal app or putty by loging in as root and password alpine
change by typing:
and enter new password...

Step 3: Mount the IDevice on Windows Via Wifi and Ssh With Dokan

Open Dokan (as administrator) from the strat menu, or however you want to start the program...

In "host" you would type your ipod name or ip address

In "user" you would tyoe the user name (I  just use root)

In "Server Root" just leave it as as forward slash / (for root)

Now just specify which drive letter you want to be and thats all!
Now you can copy and paste anything to you iPhone as if is connected to windows, enjoy!

There are two thins that very mildy annoying though:
-It shows the wrong capacity (not a big deal)
-it always mounts as "Dokan" as the drive name
But hey its better than using a sftp client all of the time right?

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    I was happy to find this Programm, because i was unable to find any program to mount a iPhone over USB. (Yes, iPhone Folders exist, but only for 32 Bit)

    Then i tried downloading it. NOOO. The Website is shut down.

    Then i googled arround tried to find similar programs, and i found one: win-sshfs. I read the infos, and i liked it, tried to download, and i need again that file from the shut down server.

    Ok, than i have to reboot into Linux, because there i have iFuse, that lets me mount over USB, anywhere, as root, without password.

    Everything ended well =D

    PS: I would be unable to use iFunbox or similar programs, because i have a Python Project for my iPhone, and i do not wanna have the project on my computer and copy it everytime i change anything. If the iPhone is mounted, i can have Programs directly read and write to/from it.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    This is my first instructable, so please feel free to give constructive criticism. :)
    Forgot to mention that this can work on any UNIX based device such as android / iphone / mac / linux / etc...
    Have fun!


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    I stubled upon something else today. While Dokan allows reomte filesystems to be mounted as a drive letter, Swish-Sftp allows you to mount remote filesystems in Windows as a "network drive" and is more slick:


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    For future instructables whould you like nay of these?
    -iPhone mobile web server
    -Make your own web based iPhone lockscreen (localhost)
    -using TOR on iPhone
    -create and mount a truecrypt partition remotely with sshfs.