Introduction: Mountain Bike Backpack

Hi everyone, my name is Víctor Hernández. I write from Chile. In my free time I like riding the bike. I'm an amateur downhill runner. For this reason I try to reach new routes in more difficult and inaccessible hills. In this routes carrying the bike over the head is not the best option moreover, it can be really dangerous. In the context of the bikes challenge I thought in developing my "eternal in construction project" a Mountain bike Backpack to carry the bike comfortably and safely.


- Wood strip 2cm x 5cm x 2m.

- Hardboard 25cmx60cm.


-Resistant fabric.


-Screw 1 cm-1.5cm of length.

-Straps: 2.5cmx1m and 5cmx1m.

-Brooches to straps.

-Needle and thread.

Step 1: Cutting the Wood and Backboard

We need cutting the wood following the annexed plains. You will have 6 pieces of wood and the backboard. The backboard measures 60cmx25cm.

Step 2: Nail the Wood

Follow the picture for assemble the structure. I tight it together with nails but you can use screws and glue. I annexed the plains of assemble to more detailed information.

Step 3: Cutting Fabric for Shoulders Pads and Low Back Pads

I used an old jean but any resistant fabric is fine for the shoulder pads. I cut 30cm of length and the jeans have 15cm of width.

For the low back pad the fabric has to be resistant because support most of all bike's weight.I cut 40cmx70cm of fabric.

Step 4: Cuttins Pad's Fill

For more comfort I used sponge to fill the pads. Depending of the sponge thickness cut the necessary to fill the pads (low back pads and shoulders pads). You don't need measures just keep in mind that you have to be able to close the pad.

Step 5: Cutting Straps

To make the backpack we need straps. I used 5cm strap to hip and 2.5cm to shoulder.

For the 5cm strap I cut:



For the 2.5cm straps I cut:



Step 6: Sew Straps, Fabric and Brooches

Take the fill and put it inside of the pads, then sew the fabric and the straps like in the pictures (It's not my best work lol). Leave an opening in the hip pad.

The 2.5cmx30cm straps goes with the shoulders pads.

Step 7: Assemble

You have all parts! just follow the pictures and get a amazing mountain bike backpack.

Step 8: Final Result

Here you can see the final result.

I hope you liked it.

Goodbye everybody.

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