Mountain Blood Cheese Cake




Introduction: Mountain Blood Cheese Cake

It may look like a road from hell, but every bite is heaven

Step 1: Mountain Crust

-2cups grahams(crushed)
-1/2cup brown sugar
-1/2cup butter(melted)

-mix everything in a bowl
(Make sure everything is well incorporated)
-put the mixture in your removable cake pan
-carefully press the crust against the walls and edges until it covers the whole pan

Step 2: Blue Berry Bed Rocks(first Layer)

-1cup fresh blue berry
-1/2cup powdered sugar
-3tablespoon water

-heat the pan medium low
-put 3 tablespoon of water and 1/2cup sugar
-the time the sugar dissolves, add 1cup blue berry
-stir and carefully crush the berries until it thickens
-carefully add the jam to the bottom of the pan, on top of the crust
-freeze or cool

Step 3: Cheesy Mountain Snow

-18oz mascarpone cheese
-18oz cream cheese
-1cup sugar
-1/2cup shredded cheddar cheese
-2cups heavy cream
-1sachet powdered gelatin

-whip the 3cheeses until smooth
-add sugar and mix until smooth
-add gelatin in heavy cream and wait till set
-add the cream with gelatin into the cheese mixture and whip until fluffy thick and smooth
-add the mixture to the pan leaving little space on top and even it out
-freeze or cool

Step 4: Bloody Blue Berry Trail

-4cups blue berry
-1cup powdered sugar
-1/4cup water

-heat up the pan medium low
-add water and sugar
-add 1cup blue berry when the sugar dissolves
-stir and crush blue berries until it becomes smooth
-when the mixture is smooth add another cup of blue berry
-stir and partially crush the blue berries
-when it thickens a bit, add another cup of blue berry(don't crush it)
-gently stir
-add a little water if it becomes too thick and gently stir
-pour the jam on top of the cake and gently even it out
-scatter 1cup of fresh blue berries on top of the cake
-freeze or cool

Step 5: Carve the Bloody Mountain

remove from pan, dust with powdered sugar, slice, serve and enjoy!!

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    Chunky Mulroney
    Chunky Mulroney

    6 years ago

    Do you melt the cheddar cheese? That sounds intriguing. What flavor does this cake have?


    Reply 6 years ago

    I just shred it so small that it gets incorporated when i mix it. I'm not so much a fan of sweets so i target a much creamier and rich flavor and thats what it does. :) cheesy


    6 years ago

    looks amazing ! I can't wait to try it.