Introduction: Parts of an Internal Frame Backpack, and How to Load It.

Image one.

1. Hood- The hood comes over and covers the top loading part of the backpack, and a nice way to compress the bag. 
What goes inside?- Coats, map, compass, gadgets, snacks.

2. Load Lifters- The Load lifters will take a lot of weight of the top of the shoulders by pulling the weight forward. They should be adjusted to a 45 degree angle.

3. Compression Straps- These serve at least two purposes, one it compress the bag to keep gear from gear shifting, knocking you off balance. Secondly, they will relieve pressure off of zippers if there is a side loader.

4. Daisy Chains- This specific type of gear lash point is called a daisy chain. If your one to hang shoes, and other items off the back of your pack, then you would use these.

5. Sternum Strap- This strap will keep your shoulders from pulling back. Some packs will have a whistle on the strap buckle as this one does.

6. Shoulder Straps- You probably will find these on every pack. Shoulder straps should be adjusted pretty snug, and mess around with them before you start hiking so that they feel good.

7. Cargo Loops- Cargo Loops are another kind of lash point, and these are most commonly used for two things, trekking pole, and ice axes if your climbing. For someone like me, they'ed be used for trekking poles.

8. Sleeping Bag Compartment- Some packs will not have a separate compartment, but most do. 
What goes inside?- Duh, sleeping bag.

9. Hip belt- This is a must have for any 20 +lbs packs. This should be buckled first when loading on to you, and they should be pulled in very tight, but not too tight.

Image two.

1. Hood- Small items, the hood is just there to cover.compress the rest of the pack.
What goes here?- maps, compasses, gadgets, jackets, snacks, rope (for bear hang)

2. Top- Lightest items, this way you don't get knocked off balanced should you have heavy items up high. 
What goes here?- Clothing.

3. Front Pocket- Not all packs will have this, but if yours does it is just an extra spot to help organize, and have easy access to.
What goes here?- maps, compasses, gadgets, snacks, rope, water filter, maybe sanitation items.

4. Front Middle- Lighter items, obliviously so you don't have weight at the front, instead have it at the center of gravity, closest to your back.
What goes here?- Stove, sleeping mat, tent, fuel cans.

5. Back Middle- Heaviest items should go right at your back, then you have a center of gravity.
What goes here?- Mess kit (pot, pans) , food, hydration bladder.

Bottom- Sleeping bag will go here. In an internal frame backpack the sleeping bag will always go here.

7. Hip Belt Pocket- Here you put the items you will use often, it is up to you what you want there.
What goes here?- lip balm, phone, sunglasses, anything you want really...

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