Introduction: Mountain Scene 1.2

This is my mountain scene. It took me about 5 hours to make but it was well worth it.


a laptop or computer,

Step 1: Step One Find a Picture You Want to Model Your Build Off Of

I was scrolling for a bit but found one i kinda liked. it is a mountain range in sweeden

Step 2: Start to Make the Ground

start by making the ground. I made it a little bumpy so it would look like a mountain base.

Step 3: Next Add Some Green to the Hills

adding green to the hills adds hight and detail to your mountain scene.

Step 4: Add the Peaks and Snow

you can make the peaks however tall you want. you can also not put snow at the top. I choose to put snow because i thought it looked cooler.

Step 5: Add Detail to Empty Spaces

now this is optional. you can either put houses or a lake i choose a lake because it looked way cooler.

Step 6: Add a Boat If You Made a Lake

since i just watched outer banks, i made a boat and named it the hms pogue after john b's boat. if you built hoses