Introduction: Mounted Storage Jars

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Turn your old jars into easy-access storage for small craft supplies, hardware, electronics components and more! This Instructable provides an overview of the process and some tips and options along the way. I'd love to hear your thoughts and see your versions in the comments!

Here's what you'll need:

  • shelf under which to mount the jars
  • clean jars with lids (candle jars? here's how to remove the wax)
  • electric drill (recommended but optional) or screwdriver
  • center punch or full-tang awl
  • hammer
  • screws that aren't longer than the thickness of your shelf

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Step 1: Pierce Lids

Three mounting points will really stabilize the lid and allow it to stand up to many uses without tearing or coming loose. Optionally mark three evenishly spaced spots on the lid.

To pierce these holes, you have a few options. No matter what, make sure you're working on a scrap surface like a workbench or piece of scrap wood. You could center punch the locations and then drill them with your electric drill, or use a full-tang awl and a hammer to puncture from the outside of the lid (so the blowout material is on the inside, preserving the flat top of the lid).

Do not hammer on plastic handled tools where the metal doesn't go all the way through the handle!

Step 2: Mount Lids

I like to use sheet metal screws for this type of thing because they are self-drilling. You may have luck with coarse drywall screws as well. In hard shelf materials, you may have to pre-drill your screw holes.

Install the first screw with a manual screwdriver, only about halfway, then rotate the lid to get it into perfect position. Then install a second screw halfway before proceeding to fully install all three screws.

When mounting multiple jars, be sure they are far enough apart that you can fully reach your hand around a jar and spin it in place, otherwise you'll be crunching your knuckles when you reach for/replace the jar.

That's it! Fill your jars with your favorite small objects/parts, optionally apply a label, and enjoy!