Introduction: Mounting Flow Bindings

Equipment Required: Flow bindings with matching screws, snowboard, large philips head screwdriver, snowboard boots (left and right).

Step 1: Lay Snowboard on a Flat Surface

This can be a table top, floor, or any other flat surface that will hold a snowboard.

Step 2: Lay Angle Plate Into Baseplate of Right Binding at 0 Degrees

The angle plate is the circle with holes in it. Just choose one of the bindings.

Step 3: Align Holes of Angle Plate With Desired Mounting Holes

The mounting holes are on the snowboard. Make sure the long line on the angle plate is perpendicular to the sides of the board.

Step 4: Screw Four Screws Through the Holes in the Angle Plate

The screws need to go through the angle plate and into the snowboard

Step 5: Lay Angle Plate Into Baseplate of the Left Binding

Make sure the binding is at a 15 degree angle to the angle plate. This will be turning the angle plate 15 degrees clockwise. The arrow on the binding should match up with the arrow with the 15 next to it.

Step 6: Repeat Steps Three and Four for the Left Binding

Step 7: Place Boots Onto Base Plates

The right boot goes in the right binding and the left boot in the left binding.

Step 8: Place Buckles on Top Piece Onto Straps of Bindings

Make sure that the top piece is pushed down snugly on the top of the boot. Do this for both boots.

Step 9: Secure the Binding Tops

Do this by closing the buckles.

Step 10: Go Ride

Image by Ripley119